Kitchen Installation Company Collects 5-Month Debt in 10 Days

Slater Byrne Recoveries was contacted by a company to help it collect a 5-month debt for kitchen installation services. The debt, amounting to $25,010, was already five months old. Despite some delays in the collection process as a result of the Client’s dispute, Slater Byrne reached a settlement and received payment within 10 days. Here’s how we did it:

collect 5-month debt within 10 days for kitchen installation client

Client disputes charge

Our Client’s effort to recover payment started in April when they had a face-to-face meeting with the manager for the debtor company. During this meeting, the debtor informed our Client that they were going to prepare a review the invoice and their records because of issues in the installation of kitchen cabinetry. A month after, our Client received the report but was surprised to learn that they were charged for the debtor’s review of records.

We then communicated to the debtor that our Client disputes this charge as they were not the ones who requested for the review and, in fact, during the April meeting, it was the debtor who volunteered to prepare the review. We also pointed out to the debtor that our Client had no contractual obligation to pay this charge as the charge was not included in their business terms and conditions. This dispute further delayed non-payment of the debt.

Finding common ground to resolve dispute

Slater Byrne, a team of professionals well trained in the debt collection process in New Zealand, tailored a debt collection techniques process that would fit the Client’s relationship with its debtor. We understand that the main goal of our Client is to recover the debt. The team also recognises the importance of maintaining good business relations between them; thus finding common ground was the best solution.

Based on our dealings with the debtor, we knew the debtor was playing games. To put a stop to this and resolve the case with no further delay to our Client, we discussed options with our Client and came up with a strategy on how to best collect the 5-month debt.

When trying to collect on an unpaid amount, it is always a good idea to try and resolve and/or settle and not jump straight into legal action.

Ashleigh Burke, accounts manager of Slater Byrne

5-month debt paid within 10 days

A tailored debt collection process that involved giving the debtor a 7-day deadline to settle the 5-month debt resulted to the debtor offering $18,000. Within 10 days from initial contact with the debtor, the case was closed. The Client eventually received $19,250 as full and final settlement – a sum the Client was very happy to receive with no outlays. It was a win not only for the client but also for the debtor as the collection did not reach the courts.


Not all debt collection process is straightforward. There will be instances when the debtor will dispute the debt. This can be a challenge especially for those who do not have the time to chase the unpaid debt. The time spent pursuing the debtor can be spent running the business. Slater Byrne offers tailored solutions that finds common ground. There is no need to resort to legal action when the dispute can be resolved through amicable settlement. The key to an efficient and prompt debt collection process is firm communication.

Slater Byrne was firm in resolving the debt dispute in favour of its client, but was also accommodating to a settlement that was also a win for the debtor. Now, is it difficult to collect a five-month old debt? We answer in the affirmative, when you seek the help of debt collection experts.

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