Founder Bios

Annabelle Parry

Annabelle started her career in the debt collection industry and has worked her way up to ownership of her own debt collection company in a very short period. Starting at the lowermost end of the industry, Annabelle showed a natural aptitude for debt collection and quickly worked her way through the ranks. Before starting Slater Byrne Recoveries, Annabelle was State Manager of a collection agency, managing up to 20 staff members and in charge of the more difficult portfolios and training staff. A true debt collection professional, Annabelle is a key member of the Slater Byrne Recoveries management. Email Annabelle at or call her at our Auckland office for an honest assessment of your debt collection requirements.

Peter Levis

Peter Levis has a long career in banking and finance and business, which has allowed him to bring a wealth of experience to Slater Byrne Recoveries. He worked for Westpac, GIO Finance, and National Mutual Funds Management before embarking on his business career. During his work commitments he completed a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy at the University of Southern Queensland. In recent years, Peter has been working extensively in the insolvency industry, utilizing his skills in management accounting. He built a successful turnaround business before teaming up with the other directors to form Slater Byrne Recoveries. Peter’s ongoing goal for Slater Byrne is for it to become a collection agency with a difference—one that not only offers top-quality services, but also creates long-term business relationships that benefit all involved.

Slater Byrne Recoveries
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