Business Health Check Report

Slater Byrne is committed to helping you ensure the financial security of your company. With our business health check reports, we identify and analyse the potential areas of weakness in an organisation.

A business health check conducted by an independent adviser is helpful because the adviser probes into the business’s current resources and structure, look into why the business is struggling, and offer solutions to make positive changes in the business. Because we are in the debt collection industry, our main goal is to recover cash for our clients to improve their cash flow. With this goal in mind, our business health check will include reviewing your current credit management system, including your bookkeeping and accounting protocol. Our business health check is not a formal sit-down meeting. Rather, it is a friendly, relaxed set-up allowing business owners to share their struggles and for us to make recommendations based on the information you share to us. 

We offer our expertise and experience to help you formulate practical strategies to reduce risk and improve your overall performance so you can achieve your business goals.

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