Process Flow

This is a quick guide on how we recover your debts for you.

Day 1: Send a debt through, and a first letter/email/text will be issued immediately.

Within 7 days: Debtors often make payment or contact the clients directly within 7 days. If we receive payment/response, SBR will advise clients without delay.

After 7 days: If debtor does not respond, SBR will issue a reminder letter/email/text/phone call. Research will be conducted to learn more about the debtor.

After 14 days: SBR will issue a notice of impending legal action and and credit default letter.

Phone calls are made throughout this whole process.

If there is no resolution found, your account manager will advise you of the legal options that are available at this point. This may incur further costs but you will be given the option of proceeding if you wish.

Collection can take a minimum of 1 month. The entire process can go beyond this when working with difficult debtors. We may make referrals to debtor relief/debtor finance companies to help get your debt paid quicker in cases of financial hardship.

In some circumstances, your accounts manager may suggest legal action sooner due to certain disputes/non-contact. The onus is on you, the client, to decide at this point what you wish to do next to recover the debt.

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