5 Websites NZ Business Owners Must Bookmark

Running a business is no joke, especially with the unpredictable economic environment that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. That is why even for debt collection agencies in NZ like Slater Byrne Recoveries, it is necessary to be aware of what’s happening in our country and around the globe.

Being up-to-date with the news, like how much wage subsidiary has the government given out to companies, not only equip businesses with the legal information on where to seek financial aid but also help you make longer-term plans to continue operations.

In this article, we rounded up five websites that busy business owners in New Zealand should bookmark:

  1. New Zealand’s Business Page
  2. Regional Business Partner Network
  3. Radio New Zealand’s Business Section
  4. Business Mentors
  5. NZBusiness
Debt Collection Agencies NZ Websites to Bookmark

New Zealand’s Business Page

The New Zealand government’s business page helps you get started and grow your business. It also offers practical and easy-to-read information relating to tax and accounting and risks and operations. Moreover, their “doing business online” section is relevant for businesses that are unable to continue full operations in an office set-up.

The website is also our top source of government response to the pandemic for businesses, including debt collection agencies in NZ. If you are owed money, check their guide on how to get paid on time.

Regional Business Partner Network

The RBP Network connects small business owners to “the right advice, people and resources.” Once you have signed up, the network will match you with a local growth advisor in 14 regions. As of 2020, the RBP network has connected 2,015 SMEs with business mentors.

Aside from its directory of useful resources, the network also updates you on business advisory funding and the tourism transition fund. 

RNZ’s Business Section

RNZ is one of the leading sources of credible news in New Zealand and the world. We suggest you bookmark their Business Section as it contains real-time business news across the country and the globe.

More than that, RNZ’s Business Section also gives a bird’s eye view into hot markets (e.g. tech companies) and industry-centric news.

Business Mentors

Business Mentors New Zealand is “the only independent national business mentoring service provider to the small business sector in New Zealand.” Since its inception in 1991, the organization has worked with more than 700,000 individuals, including start-up entrepreneurs, existing business owners, and non-profit executives.

As a business owner, you may think you know everything that’s going in your business. But oftentimes when you are too busy tending to your business, you neglect to keep updated with the news leading you to miss on opportunities that you could have grabbed to scale your business. We enjoy reading Business Mentors’ case studies because they show us how mentorship has improved doing business for business owners. In one case study, the mentorship program has even helped prevent the business owner from making expensive mistakes.


 NZ Business is an e-zine for businesses. What makes this e-zine a good source for business owners are their articles on relevant topics like exporting, finance, HR, health & safety, intellectual property, and marketing.

We find interesting NZBusiness’ articles on how some companies have accelerated growth thanks to COVID-19. The e-zine also shared a report on how the pandemic has impacted women business owners.

Keep yourself regularly updated

Owning and running a business is not easy. Add to that the current problems we have on public health. To help you stay in the loop with what’s happening business-wise, you need to keep yourself regularly updated with the latest news.

As a small business ourselves, we at Slater Byrne understand how important it is to be appraised with the latest. Not knowing the news could often lead to the impossibility to collect the debt for positive cash flow or you incurring more outstanding debts resulting to insolvency.

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