How to Grow a Successful Business with Zero Debt and No Investors

Setting up your own business can be both terrifying and exhilarating. On the one hand, you will leave the stability and security of being an employee. But on the other […]

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Debt Detox for 2022

Debt detox is important for small businesses to manage their debts. The problem is that many business owners, especially SMEs, consider debt management as a complex and tedious process –

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How to collect debts from judgment debtor in New Zealand 01

You have a disagreement with a customer over money and/or property and you went to court to file a legal action. Eventually, the court ruled in your favor and ordered

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Statutory Demands in New Zealand Feature Image

How to improve your debt collection efforts in New Zealand with Statutory Demands A statutory demand is one of the most underrated, but effective remedies a business can use to

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Crowdfunding in New Zealand

Crowdfunding in New Zealand took off in April 2014 following the introduction of the licensing regime for crowdfunding service providers into law. While most businesses are still grappling with the

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