How to Grow a Successful Business with Zero Debt and No Investors

Setting up your own business can be both terrifying and exhilarating. On the one hand, you will be leaving the stability and security of being an employee. But on the other hand, you will finally be able to pursue your passion and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

For many people, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks as we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of start-up companies in the past couple of years.

Start-Up Challenges

If you’re among those people who’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and are thinking of starting your own business, you’re in luck. According to a recent study by First Round, 94 percent of start-up founders believe now is the perfect time to set up a business.

But before you take the leap, you must be mentally prepared for the many challenges of becoming a fulltime entrepreneur. The first and, perhaps biggest, challenge is getting your first ever clients even when you don’t have any success stories yet in your portfolio.

Entrepreneur Brett Hyman came across the same hurdle when he started his company NVE Experience Agency. Now, he’s sharing some tips on how you can successfully grow your business without getting loans or investors.

Tips for Success

Overall, Hyman’s tips highlight how important it is for entrepreneurs to devote time, energy, and resources on the right things, namely: on skilled staff, loyal customers, and themselves.

By establishing clear goals and surrounding yourself with the right team, you’ll be able to consistently offer top quality service, which is essential for long-term success. Also, learning to invest in your existing clients before venturing out and obtaining new ones will help you secure a foundation of loyal customers that you can rely on through thick and thin.

And lastly, taking the time to rest and recharge is crucial if you are to survive the first few years of running your own business. Plus, it will help give you a fresh perspective so you can be a better and more effective leader.

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